Forensic Ballistics

Fields of forensic services:


Forensic Consultancy:

  • Forensic consultancy for Court, DA, Defence Layers, Assurance Companies  and Detective Agencies 
  • Forensic consultancy according to highest professional standards 

Classic forensic ballistics  expertise:


  • Identification of a weapon according to fired bullets and shells
  • Distance of shooting determination
  • Gunshot residue analysis
  • Crime scene mapping and assessment of work on scene of crime 
  • Reconstruction of of shooting cases 
  • Combined ballistics and medical expertise  
  • Assesment of different versions of shooting accident 
  • Assesment of possible or probable version of shooting accident
  • Forensic consultancy

GSR analysis:

  • GSR analysis of samples from hands using SEM/EDX
  • GSR analysis of garment using SEM/EDX or ICP
  • Bullet hole determination 
  • Distance of shooting estimation
  • Determination of entrance/exit hole of a bullet  for garment items
  • Direct hit versus hit after richochet assesment

Forensic 3D Reconstruction:

  • Computer three dimensional (3D) reconstruction of shooting incidents  
  • Forensic 3D animations
  • Realtime interactive 3D animations
  • Forensic 3D simulations

Realtime interactive 3D animations:

  • Interactive inspection of scene of crime and different shooting scenarios

Forensic training:

  • Professional training on crime scene mapping, registration and packing of items, and possibilities of different types of expertises