Forensic Ballistics

Forensic application of 3D technology on biometric identification

Version of the method of Forensic 3D reconstruction by use of phase-shift laser 3D scanner can be applied for biometric identification of suspects in robbery cases. The main advantage of the method is precise determination of height of an perpetrator from surveillance camera videos. Precision of the method is about 1 cm in a single measurement. The method involves "Z+F" pulse laser 3D scanner and 3D Suspect Measurement software from Delft Forensics. In real robbery cases perpetrator practically always cover his/her face with some mask and classical biometric identification is not possible. In such cases precise determination of height of the perpetrator seems to be of critical importance for forensic-biometric identification and especially in cases of exclusion of a suspect as a possible perpetrator if measurements shows substantial difference between height of the perpetrator recorded on surveillance camera video and height of physically measured suspect.