Forensic Ballistics

Vojin Mastruko - Works and Acknowledgements



1. Writes white paper on: "Distance of shooting determination using flameless atomic Absorption Spectroscopy".



2. Starts development of  a new method of Forensic 3D Reconstruction. The first ballistic expert who started the method of Forensic 3D reconstruction in 1993. was Alexandar Jason from USA. 



3. Starts experimental work on practical implementation of modern method of gunshot residue analysis (GSR) by use of Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive X-ray detector (SEM-EDX). From 1998. to 2004. implements GSR analysis in casework in Croatia and perform GSR analysis on the best scanning electron microscope in the World of that time: Philips' Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM) XL30 



4. Atends course on "EDX Microanalysis", 14-18 February 2000. in Application Laboratory in Philips Electron Optics in Eindhoven, Nederlands

5. On Second Meeting of European Academy of Forensic Sciences in Cracow, Poland, in 2000. publishes white paper on: "FORENSIC USE OF PHILIPS XL 30 ESEM" 

6. On Second Meeting of European Academy of Forensic Sciences in Cracow, Poland, in 2000. becomes a member of European Academy of Forensic Sciences

7. On Second Meeting of European Academy of Forensic Sciences in Cracow, Poland, in 2000. becomes a member of Firearms Workig Group of European Network of Forensic Sciences (ENFSI)



8. After sucessfuly copletion of ENFSI GSR Proficiency test gets ENFSI GSR Proficiency Test 2001. Certificate 

9. During meeting of Firearms Working Group of European Network of Forensic Sciences  (ENFSI) held in 2001. in Brugge, Belgium, presents on "Forensic applications of an ESEM" and on "Reconstruction of a shooting incident by use of CAD/CAM software" 

10. Becomes a member of discussion group on Internet entitled Forensic SEM, moderated by Dr. Dennis Ward, main FBI expert on forensic application of scanning electron microscope

11. Starts webpage on Zeno's forensic site:

12. Starts own discussion group on Internet devoted to improvement of method of forensic 3D reconstruction: , where gathers more than 40 forensic scientists from EU, USA, Canada and Argentina 

13. Together with  IT & GIS Expert Djani Bodlovic presents white paper on "3D Modeling in Forensic Ballistics" on Geographical Information Systems International Conference, October 2001, in Poland.



14. During meeting of ENFSI Firearms Working Group held in Bratislava  gives presentation on "Application of ESEM on GSR analysis of Clothing (casework report)", which droves attention of his colleagues, as well as  poster on "Forensic 3D", devoted to integration of Forensic 3D technology with exterior ballistic software of Dr. Nennstiel

15. During meeting of ENFSI Firearms Working Group held in Bratislava  becomes a member of important project group entitled Basics of GSR leading by a Robin Keely, founder of GSR analysis, from London's Forensic Science Service

16. During meeting of ENFSI Firearms Working Group held in Bratislava proposed establishment of new project group entitled Forensic 3D

17. Attends two weeks course and gets Certificate on practical aspects of GSR analysis by use of SEM-EDX in forensic laboratory and ISO 17025 Certificate requirements

18. Presents white paper on  "Forensic Application of an ESEM" in I.A.M.A. Journal for forensic application of SEM from USA 

19. Presents white paper on "GSR Analysis on Clothing" on XVI International Forensic Conference in Montpellier, France

20. By the end of 2002. finishes experimental work on implementation of GSR method by use of SEM-EDX 



21. Between 2002. and 2003. organizes and counducts all practical aspects of implementation of GSR analysis by use of SEM-EDX in Zagreb area which includes training of all police field tehnicians in Zagreb, Croatia, and GSR analysis of all GSR samplers by use of SEM-EDX. 

22. As an invited speaker gives a lecture on "The use of 3D computer modelling in forensic investigations"  on Meeting of ENFSI Directors and ENFSI Working Group Directors held in Tallinn, Estonia,12 , in May 2003., and gets invitation for Conference of European Academy of Forensic Science in Istambul in 2003.

23. During big Conference  of European Academy of Forensic Science in Istambul in 2003.  (,  his presentations entitled "Forensic3D in Forensic Institute", "Detection of GSR particles on Clothing" and "Interactive Forensic3D" had been axcepted, while Prof. Dr. Sevil Atasoy, Director of Forensic Institute in Istanbul invites him to conducts workshop entitled "Forensic 3D"

24. Dr Jurrien Bijhold, leader of ENFSI Digital Imaging Working Group from Nederlands Forensic Institute in Rijswijk, Nederlands, credits his as on of a pioneer of European forensic 3D technology and in 2003. invites him to conduct subcomittee entitled Forensic 3D Imaging. In November 2003. Dr. Jurrien Bijhold and Dr. Zeno Geradts invite him to write a chapter on Forensic 3D technology for book of Humana Press Inc. from USA

25. President of County Cort in Zagreb, Croatia entitle him for Court Expert for Firearms and Toolmarks Examinations

26. Together with other forensic experts starts Assotiation of Croatian Forensic Experts  ( i ).

27. Becomes a member of programe commity of XVI International Congress on Microscopy in Pula, Croatia 

28. Dr. Zeichner, forensic scientist from Israel, in his article " Recent developments in methods of chemical analysis in investigations of firearm-related events", Springer-Verlag, June 2003, goves him a credit on pioneer work on GSR analysis by use of Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope-a (ESEM)

29. Publishes article on "Forensic 3D in Forensic Institute" in magazine  Forensic Science International, Vol.136. Suppl.1. (2003).

30. Becomes a member of  ENFSI Digital Imaging Workgroup.



31. In September 2004. godine leaves Forensic Centre of Ministy of Interior in Zagreb, Croatia and with other forensic scientista starts Forensic centre DAN-JAR where continues activity as a firearms and toolmarks expert and Court Expert for Firearms and Toolmarks Examinations

32. Gives presentation on "GSR analysis by use of SEM/EDX" on Institute for Physics in Zagreb, Croatia. 

33. As a member of a group of authors presents an article on "Toolmarks identification using SEM images in an optoelectronic correlator device" in magazine Optik – International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, December 2004, vol. 115, no. 11, pp. 487-492(6) , Publisher: Urban & Fischer . Authors: N Demoli1; K  Šariri1; Z Stanić1; V Maštruko2; O Milat1 .

34. Gets acknowledgement from eminent expert Dr. Niamh Nic Davida from Forensic Science Unit, University Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK on  14 International Forensic Science Symposium Interpol œ Lyon    where is confirmed as the first forensic scientist who demonstrated use of environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) for detection and identification of GSR particles.



35. President of County Cort in Zagreb, Croatia entitle him for Court Expert for chemical and physical examinations as well as for forensic 3D reconstruction

36. Gives presentation on "Golden bullet - physics in forensics" on Festival of Beauty in organization of Institute for Physics in Zagreb, Croatia 

37. Gets acknowledgement from Bryan Burnett, forensic scientist from USA in his article "Errors in gunshot residue assessment by scanning electron microscopy/elemental analysis in criminal cases: III. Friction-brake particles assigned as“highly specific” gunshot residue particles" where Bryan Burnett quotes his experimental work on decrise of number of GSR particles from  hands of a shooter with time, published in 2002. in magazine International Association of MicroAnalysis 3:(1):4-7. under title "Forensic applications of an ESEM"

38. Develops colaboration with different scientific laboratories in Zagreb like laboratories in Institute Rudjer Boskovic, Institute of Physics and different laboratories on University in Zagreb. Upon order from Court conducts preparation of samples and forensic eveluation of results of measurement, while said laboratories are resposible to analytical part of analysis

39. Since September 2005. acts as an independent Firearms and Toolmarks Court Expert, Expert for GSR Analysis and Forensic 3D Reconstruction