Forensic Ballistics

 Forensic Application of Long Range Laser 3D Scanner 

During laser 3D scanning of big scale scene of crime a Canadian Optech 36D long range laser 3D scanner have been used, coupled with a GPS/GLONASS receiver Topcon HIPER+ (Plus) GNSS and data registrator Topcon FC-100 with Top SURV package. This equipment of Croatian company "Vektra" d.o.o. enabled the 1000x500 m area to be measured with a precision of 1-3 cm.

All measured points were in absolute coordinates. Scanning was performed from six different hills. Therefore, six different point clouds were used to create a single point cloud of the area of interest. Later, the point cloud data was transformed to a 3D polymesh, and then was imported into the CAD/CAM software, Maya, for various 3D reconstructions and simulations.

Link to example of application of long range laser 3D scanning to forensic 3D reconstruction of scene of crime: